We offer immunisation against Flu FREE OF CHARGE to patients ‘AT RISK’.

If you are over 65 or fall into one of the ‘at risk’ categories then you MUST get your flu vaccination this autumn. If you are pregnant you must come to the surgery for your free vaccine too. The flu outbreak last few years left many people seriously ill and some people died. We are running flu clinics in September and October, details are below. Protect yourself this winter against the flu. If the clinic times are not convenient for you just give us a call.

Who should have the seasonal flu vaccine?

The vaccine is available free of charge to the following at risk groups:

* People aged 65 and over

* All pregnant women

* Children aged 6 months to 5 years

* Carers

And for people who have:

* Diabetes

* A chest problem or breathing difficulties (such as asthma, bronchitis or emphysema)

* A heart problem

* Kidney disease or liver disease

* A neurological condition (such as Parkinsons’s or motor neurone disease)

* A lowered immune system due to disease (such as cystic fibrosis of Crohn’s) or treatment (such as cancer treatment)

* had a stroke

* a problem with the spleen (such as sickle cell disease) or if the spleen has been removed

You should also have the vaccine if you:

* Live in a residential or nursing home

* Are the main carer of an older or disabled person