Thanks again to all of our patients who took the time to complete our annual in-house patient satisfaction survey. You can read detailed reports of the outcomes of this survey by clicking on the ‘Patient Survey 2013’ tab which appears on the ‘News’ tab of this website.

The practice priorities for 2013 were agreed with our virtual Patient Reference Group (PRG) in the same manner as they were agreed last year via email discussions. Our virtual PRG consists of 45 members of varying ages and backgrounds. The practice maintains a register of our virtual PRG. All patients are invited to join our PRG at any time.

Our 2013 survey returned evidence of high levels of patient satisfaction so setting priorities for the coming year was not so easy or obvious. There were no clear areas for improvement as the practice scored very highly in all areas across the board. However, on reading the patients comments and examining the responses around ways in which patients can make their appointments compared to how they would like to make them, the PRG felt it would be prudent to see this as an area to make improvements in this year. The practice agreed to work on ways to promote the online appointment facility which patients already have access to but may not be aware of. The second priority agreed with the PRG is to introduce online repeat prescribing. According to patients comments on the questionnaires this is an area with high demand. The timescale agreed with the PRG for implementation of both agreed areas to be as soon as possible. The practice will work with TPP who supply the clinical system, and also the IT Dept at the Trust to implement online repeat prescribing as soon as possible. Promotion of the availability of online appointment booking to also begin immediately. This will be via Newsletter, posters in-house, website, advert in local press and Parish Council and any other ideas the virtual PRG come up with will be considered.

Report and priorities to be shared with Local Healthwatch and PCT and HPCA.