From the 1st September anyone who is 70 years old will be offered the shingles vaccination. You will need to have a birth date between 1/9/42 & 31/8/43 to be eligible for this year’s cohort. All patients aged 70 eligible for the vaccination this year will be advised and vaccinations can be given at the same time as the Seasonal Flu Vaccination. If you prefer not to have it or do not want to be contacted, then please inform the surgery so we can update your records.

There is also a catch-up programme for patients aged 79 (birth date between 1/9/33 & 31/8/34). Anyone who is 79 during the same dates will be offered the vaccination when visiting the surgery.

The vaccine will in time, be offered to all patients from the age of 70 up to and including 79 year olds, but it is an ongoing programme which will continue for years. Although it may be frustrating not being allocated a vaccine in the next few months, we will be able to offer it in time.

The vaccine is in short supply, hence the reason why it cannot be offered to all the age groups at once.

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