Do you wish that we could remind you of when your next appointment is? Well now we can!

Just sign up for our free Text Reminder Service and we will send a SMS Text message to your mobile phone the day before your appointment is due.
This means that you can let us know if you no longer need the appointment and we can give it to someone else who needs it.
It’s also a reminder if you had forgotten!

Just give us your mobile telephone number and we will set it up for you. It’s very simple to begin using this service and it’s free.

We are hoping that by setting us this service that we reduce the number of ‘Did Not Attends’ at the surgery.
Each month as many as 100 appointments are wasted due to patients not turning up for them and not letting us know about it in time to give it to someone else. It’s such a waste and we hope this will help us tackle it.