Flu vaccines have been widely discussed in the media and as reported the national uptake for flu vaccinations has been higher this year than in previous years, resulting in supply shortages. As such we felt the need to give some understanding to the current situation at Branch End Surgery.

There are three main cohorts of patients for the adult flu vaccination, the advice for each group differs.

18 – 64 years old in an at risk category. We are currently contacting patients in this group to book appointments. We are receiving deliveries of this vaccine throughout the next month. If you believe you are in this category please contact the surgery to be booked into a clinic or added to the waiting list.

50 – 64 years old. This cohort is not currently being vaccinated. Government guidance states that this cohort will be vaccinated later in the season if enough flu vaccinations are available.

65 years old and over (65 as at 31st March 2021). We have now allocated all of our current stock of this vaccine. If you are booked into any flu clinic or were added to the waiting list prior to 14th October 2020 we have allocated a vaccine for you. We are currently looking to order more vaccine once the full uptake figures are known, therefore we encourage anyone in this cohort who would like a vaccine to call the surgery and be added to the waiting list so that we can order your vaccine.

If you are on our waiting list or booked into a clinic and have received your vaccine at work or no longer wish to receive the vaccine please do contact us so that your vaccine can be allocated to another patient.

Please note that we do not give private flu vaccinations at the surgery.

For further information on national guidance please visit: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/flu-influenza-vaccine/