Our reception staff have the arduous task of balancing the instructions of the doctors along with the needs of our patients.  They are very very busy and often have to deal with three things at once, such as; ringing phones, administration work and the demands of patients and doctors.  It is stressful for them so please be patient.

Our receptionists are able to pass messages onto the doctors, but they cannot interrupt a GP during appointment times.

There are a number of scenarios where our receptionists will have to ask questions.  Please don’t assume they are being nosy or are overstepping their role; they adhere to strict guidelines and the questions that they ask are pertinent, relevant and often vital and the Partners have therefore given them full authority to make enquiries on their behalf.

By law they cannot pass on confidential information to friends or relatives so please do not assume that they are being deliberately obstructive.  They are just doing their job.

Being rude or aggressive to ANY member of staff will NOT be tolerated and may result in removal from our patient list.

We appreciate that this is still a difficult time for everyone and as we try to return services to some normality we would appreciate your patience and tolerance