We are pleased to announce that we are now able to ease the requirement to wear a face covering whilst in the building. 
However, being a healthcare facility, this does come with some exceptions. 
Recognising that some people remain vulnerable, we respectfully ask all patients (and staff) to continue to wear a mask whilst in the waiting room.
We will also recognise that some people will prefer to keep their mask on during their consultation, and/or would like the doctor or nurse to wear one too. Your doctor or nurse should ascertain this at the start of your consultation and will be happy to wear a mask if preferred.

COVID hasn’t gone away and indeed cases are rising, with people catching it for the second and even third time. We want to minimise the risk of transmission and so good hygiene measures and common sense will still apply: we will keep windows open  when possible, clean surfaces regularly and and we ask everyone to pay close attention to hand and respiratory hygiene.

Anyone who has a cough, runny nose, or fever should wear a mask, at all times, whilst in the building. 

Kindest Regards