Dear Neighbour,

We are writing to inform you of some renovations commencing at the surgery on Monday 30th January, we expect the work to take around 5 weeks until completion. The hours of construction work will be 6pm to 6am.

Please note that while works are being carried out there will be extra vehicles for tradesman and contractors in the street, we apologise in advance for any problems this may cause.

We also ask that during this time our Car Park, Doctors Parking Bays & Hard stand at the rear of the building aren’t used to park your vehicles. The surgery is not responsible for any damage or accidents.

We appreciate your understanding while the renovation is on going and our contractor will make every effort to the disruptions to a minimum. Please contact us with any concerns during the course of the project.

Kind Regards

Drs Maguire, Dornan, Kamali & the Team at Branch End Surgery