Our full portfolio of practice Policies and Procedures is available from Victoria Burnip, our Practice Manager on 01661 842626 or email at victoria.burnip@nhs.net

You can also click onto the ‘News’ tab at the top of our website to view an up to date list of policies and procedures in the post entitled ‘Our Practice Policies’.

Violent or Abusive Patients

The practice operates a zero tolerance approach to violent or abusive patients.

Our staff are here to help and try their best to do so at all times. We appreciate that patients may be anxious or unwell and allowances are always made for this.

Infection Control

Infection Control is paramount in all NHS settings. Our Infection Control Lead is Michelle Milburn (Practice Nurse). Below is a link to our most recent Infection Control Policy.

Infection Control Policy

Closed Circuit Television

The practice premises, including the car park, are monitored by closed circuit television.

Telephone Recording

Calls to the surgery may be voice recorded for training and quality purposes.

No Smoking

The practice operates a no smoking policy throughout the premises, including the garden area and car park.