Every year we ask our patients their views of the practice via a questionnaire. This year we have again consulted with our Patient Reference Group (PRG) and agreed on questions to be asked within the questionnaire. We will ask our patients about the quality of care they receive, ask them about access and also invite them to comment on the practice as a whole. The results of our questionnaire in 2012 indicated that some patients were not satisfied with the way they had to ring in early morning to get an appointment. We made changes to our appointment system and no longer have this early morning appointment allocation. We hope that the results of our questionnaire 2013 shows improved patient satisfaction in this area.

We will collect the responses from our 2013 survey and in collaboration with our virtual PRG will again make further plans for the future. We make effort to improve the areas where we can and to keep doing the things we are doing well already. We will publish the findings of this questionnaire in our practice newsletter and on our website.

During the next few weeks you may be asked to complete one of our questionnaires. Please do this AFTER your consultation.

Your answers are completely CONFIDENTIAL; you do not have to give your name.

If you do not have time to complete it in the surgery we will give you a stamped envelope for you to complete it at home and post it back to us.

By taking the time to complete one of our questionnaires you are helping us improve our services to you. We have a questionnaire in pdf format so patients can complete and send back via email if they wish. Click on this link for pdf questionnaire or email our Practice Manager on sueshone@nhs.net