Branch End Surgery work in partnership with a wonderful organisation called ‘Inter Care’.  Inter Care are a unique charity that recycles quality surplus medicines and donates aid to African Health Units.

You can visit their website here to learn more about the incredible and life saving work that they do.

We had an email update from Inter Care thanking us for our batch of unwanted medicines that had recently arrived in Africa. Here’s what it said: “Good morning! Thank you for an excellent box of medicines – everything is in date, on the list and just what we need.  A very useful and welcome consignment.  Thank you for your care. I attach a letter from one of the centres Inter Care supports in Sierra Leone which shows how much your help is appreciated by the people there.  As you know they have been challenged by the ravages of the ebola virus and Inter Care has sent a lot of extra help to them during this period.  I hope you find the letter interesting;  please share it with patients and staff if you would like to. We look forward to hearing from you again soon. With best wishes Diane Bird Inter Care volunteer”

The attached letter that Diane refers to read: “Dear Diane,

I would like inform you that we have received the consignment of the drugs and gloves. I have received 8 cartons first, then later 5 cartons, and all arrived safely with no damage.

I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to you all the Inter care staff, have a very Happy New Year, we are on the forefront on the fight of Ebola and we believe we will overcome soon.

Our Center will have the survival discharges on Saturday 10th January, in spite of all the struggles we are facing in terms of support for food and clothing for our patients, we are doing a very good job.

Thank you once more, we pray for the relationship will continue.


Doctor David Joefrey Koroma

Medical Director

Adventist Hospital

Waterloo – Sierra Leon”