Asthma Advise

We’ve been made aware of some posts on social media, saying that if you have a respiratory/lung disease your GP will issue a rescue pack of steroids and antibiotics. This is recommended for some people with COPD to be used as part of a personalised plan. However for people with asthma, we do NOT recommend these as standard.

Please visit for the appropriate advice.

Our Asthma Nurse Linda Kennedy says;

To all patients with respiratory conditions requiring inhaler treatment.

Please use your reliever inhaler every day as a prescribed or on our asthma plan to ensure your lung function is as good as possible and well controlled.

If you inhale Salbutamol, it is advised to inhale via a spacer – aerochamber or volumatic – for best results.

If inhaled straight into the mouth most will end up in your stomach!

Use your spacer for metered dose MDI inhalers such as Clenil, Fostair, Qvar, Seretide, Flixotide and Flutiform.

Dry Powder inhalers – inhale quickly – deeply following a good breath out.

There is lots of advice on technique on the internet.

Always rinse your mouth following inhalations of cortic steroid (reliever inhaler).

Remember handwashing with excellent technique.

Keep your distance approx six feet from another person.

Keep safe and take all precautions.

Linda Kennedy – Asthma Nurse