We are hoping to reach as many people as possible to raise awareness about how we can better look after our own physical health and mental wellbeing, and that of our family members.

It’s about choosing Self Care for Life by thinking about the small changes we can make to be more healthy; whether it’s about choosing to take the stairs rather than the lift, starting the day with a healthy breakfast and deciding not to work through our lunch break.

It’s also about being able to self-treat short term conditions when they strike such as sore throats, coughs, colds and about safely managing long term conditions.

At the bottom of the page, we have links to a set of leaflets which you can use to better manage some of the more common minor conditions.

Community Pharmacists

There are also our local pharmacists who are trained health professionals that can identify, provide advice and assist with self-medication for the treatment of minor conditions. They can also identify more serious conditions which would need to be seen by your GP.

By visiting your pharmacist you could save yourself time as no appointment is needed and many pharmacies are open in the evening and during the weekend.

All information provided to your pharmacist is treated with the strictest of confidence.

Self-care leaflets

Back Pain
Fever in children
Heartburn and Indigestion
Sprains and Strains
Sore Throat